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Submitted on
January 15, 2010


We care about what you think. That's why we're making it more convenient than ever to get your thoughts to us.

Our Suggestion Blog is for listing all user suggestions you send in, so that the everyone can see, and talk about them, so that we can help serve you better. We take into consideration every suggestion we get, because it's you guys that get the results of our actions. So, if you have an opinion about something we've implemented, we want to hear it.

#To Send Us A Suggestion...

Simply comment here on this blog with what you think we should do. Or, if you have an opinion, tell us. All users can see, and comment on these suggestions, so that we have a forum of sorts for everyone to use.

We'll list them all here, as well as the status of the suggestion. There are three different Status types: OPEN, CLOSED, and IN ACTION.

:bulletorange:OPEN - Suggestions we're actively pursuing
:bulletyellow:CLOSED - Suggestions we wont be implementing as of yet
:bulletred:IN ACTION - User Suggestions we're using now

Below is an example of what a listed suggestion will look like.
EX. Suggestion: "Tutorials in my language." - Status: OPEN

We hope to hear from you! Don't be afraid to share your opinions!


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Hidden by Owner
Welcome, new people!

Let's see, the only thing I was going to suggest seems to have been fixed already. I thought the main group page could have used a little re-arranging to be able to find stuff, but a Group Navigation module has been created!
Way to read my mind!

The affiliations seem appropriate, as well. Their aims just seem to compliment each other. All that seems to be missing at this point is mass-membership, but I'm sure people will notice each group in time.

As for the course idea, that sounds spiffy, but how would it be done?
Are we talking about making entirely new lessons, or compiling a collection of already-existing resources on a subject to be more comprehensive?
If it's the latter, well, we can already do that via a simple folder in the faves or gallery.
The former sounds more ambitious, but also more fun and potentially useful. Exactly where do you plan to take it?

Keep up the good work. ^.^
MidnightSoiree Jan 16, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the input!

Yeah - I thought the main page needed a face lift. The Group Navigation was just a last minute quick fix, but it turned out to be ok! And I'm glad to hear that it's working! Do you think there's anything that needs to be added to it?

I was thinking about getting a team to scour deviantART for the best, most informative tutorials about a given subject, (and I'm not talking about the popular, couldn't be less informative tuts.)

But, I suppose creating custom courses would provide a better experience, and be more useful, especially if we can gear it specifically to the #TipsAndTricks members. I'm not sure how we'd go about that though. /// Any ideas?
Well, I was reading a thread on the Suggestions board last night about something like that, and it kind of made me rethink how much of a good idea a self-made course would be. It was by one of dA's most famous trolls, so he was viciously shot down, but they still had some good points that are applicable here.

The problem with making online courses seems to be that it takes pretty much just as much work as an in-class course to set up by whoever's doing it. Forget the part where you have to find someone that lives and breathes the subject, then they have to make a bunch of resources for it. It can certainly be done, but is a lot of work. Since I'm new here, I don't know who here could do what, if anything.
I think that'd be a great idea for when there are lots of people to contribute, and would be a fantastic goal for the group but isn't really something logical to start with.

The collections idea sounds a lot better with the parenthetical clarification there. I've seen a bunch of tutorials on the popular page as of late that are completely un-helpful, and probably only made it there because they were from high profile artists that lots of people want to draw like.
So you're thinking like, someone would go "Gee, I really want to learn about how to draw anatomically correct human beings in traditional mediums" and be able to find a category with comprehensive information on that in a collection here?
If nothing else, that would save a lot of time in sifting through the silly ones. It would be useful for people that knew it was there, provided we can think of all of the categories someone would be interested in and know enough about them ourselves to discern between the well-made and the cop-outs.

By the way, do you know what type of coding the modules on userpages and groups use? (I assume they use the same.)
I've been wanting to try making some snazzy looking module box thingies. The higher-key groups and userpages of a lot of staff have them. Assuming the same tools are available to us, something more eye-catching might make this look more like the long established group it is.
I dunno much HTML or CSS, might be able to put something together depending on how complicated it is.
Crap, now that I think about it, I remember seeing a tutorial on that very thing last night! How ironic.
Let me see if I can find it again.
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