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The weReport function of TipsAndTricks if for our members to write up blogs about hot topics around deviantART. Our users can write, edit, and collaborate on projects together to be published in our groups official blog.

#How to Write a weReport Article

1. Pitch it.

Say you find some hot topic that you think our members would be interested in. Read up on your topic, and write a paragraph summary of what your weReport Article would be like. Write what it would contain, and why you think it should be featured in our blog. We'll review it, and see if think it's suitable for the group. If we like it, then you're officially planned to write a blog. We'll agree on a deadline for the finished product.

2. Write It.

Gather information on your topic, such as official news articles, Admin Blogs or journals on the subject, user reviews or opinions, or group blogs about the subject. Write your blog using this information, plus any additional thought or opinions you have yourself. Remember to include any resources, news articles, or otherwise at the bottom of your article, so that we can check your resources.

3. Review It.

Send us a draft of your article. We'll let you in on our thoughts, and let you know if you need to change or alter anything. Remember to use proper grammar and spelling.

4. Submit it.

Send us the final article.

We'll be updating this as we go along.

Q. What will, and will not be accepted?
A. We're semi picky about what we will and wont accept. We DO want reports about tutorial related subjects, groups, deviantART, and tremendous art news. We DONT want reports on topics like personal opinions, mature content, gossip, controversial topics, etc. We'll let you know if what you want to write about will be ok or not.

Q. What happens if my article pitch gets denied?
A. If you got denied, then it's because we think that the information you want to write about isn't relevant to what our group believes in, or what our members want to hear. But, dont feel like you can never report again, or that we dont like you. We're only judging the content. Just try again at a later time.

Q. None of this makes sense to me.
A. Note us. We'll talk you through the whole process.

Q. Can I work with another user to get this report ready?
A. Yes! But! You've got to let us know exactly who will be working on the project when you pitch us the article. Any later additions should be reported to us immediately after adding.

Q. I can't meet the deadline we've agreed on.
A. When you agree to write a weReport with us, we do expect you to finish it. If you need a deadline extension, we can extend the deadline by only one week. If you need to drop the project all together, that's fine. But, be warned; a dropped project will result in a three month penalty of no article submissions, so be careful about agreeing to a submission unless you're absolutely sure you can finish it.








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