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We at TipsAndTricks are all about two things. Our members are either in search of help with a particular program or artistic medium, or our members are here to provide tutorials. For those of you who are in that second group, we would like to unveil for the first time something even more amazing than our gigantic listing of tutorials.

We'd like those members who are active on deviantART and skilled in anything artistic to let us know if they'd be willing to receive notes with questions about anything in their skill of expertise. This way, if someone cannot find a tutorial to their liking through our gallery or collections, our Help Team can assist with any extra questions our members have, or at least help put them in the right direction.

If you'd be interested in joining the Help Team, please comment on this journal with your area(s) of expertise (such as Photoshop, artisan crafts, traditional art, etc) and what language(s) you speak (in case you can help our international members)!



Help Team Members:

Knowledge in: Photoshop, digital painting (with tablet and mouse)
Languages: English, Italian (Italiano), French (Français), Spanish (Español), some Chinese (一点儿中文)

Knowledge in: Photoshop (7), Misc. Paper Types and Weights, Basic Traditional Artists Supplies. I also do Art Critiques.
Languages: English

Knowledge in: Traditional Art
Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese and a bit of French

Knowledge in:Photoshop 7, CS2+3, Illustrator CS2+3, as well as pencil work and some basic sewing techniques
Languages: English

Knowledge in:Writing (Primarily Prose, but poetry and non-fiction also), Photoshop (CS or Elements), Photoshop alternatives, RPG Maker (anything related to the design program)
Languages: English

Knowledge in:I do Photoshop and Illustrator. I'm varied in my art mediums and methods, but as the recent opening of this account I'm on you can mostly find Photo-manipulation works.
Languages:I am a native speaker of English, I am fluent in Spanish, French and learning Serbian.








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