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TipsAndTricks Bug Report Page - Please read and follow the directions. For any questions not listed here, please contact MidnightSoiree, or Acerbical

TipsAndTricks Bug Report Page


I've happened to find a bug while browsing your extraordinarily awesome group; what can I do about it?

First off, we'd like to say THANKS! to the kind souls who are taking the time to report a bug to us.

If you've managed your way here, chances are you've probably either found a: extremely embarrassing typo, a completely broken or completely miss led link, a awkward HTLM falter or a backwards running pocket watch .

:bulletorange:Here's what you do:

1. Take a screen cap of the bug, by pressing the 'Print Screen' Button on your keyboard.

2. Upload it somewhere, such as 'Photobucket' or 'TinyPic'.

3. Note it to us, as well as where the mistake is.


:bulletred:If you're not sure how to do the above!...

1. Send us a note telling us exactly what's going wrong. Be as clear as possible, and provide links if necessary.

We handle each and every Bug Report seriously, and we'll get to the problem as soon as possible.

If you've got a question about anything, note me, MidnightSoiree, and I'll attend to you personally! :)

Thanks kids!









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